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Why the 2050 challenge?

Addressing Mutual Global Needs

The issues, which define the 21st century are unfolding daily.  As populations grow and urban centers expand, humanity’s mutual needs increasingly collide. Clean water, fresh air, renewable energy and climate change are challenges confronting all nations collectively. Coming up with the solutions will take an inter-disciplinary approach.

Democratizing Solution-Making

Most importantly, solutions will not come from government heads—or, at least not from government heads alone. 
For the first time in history, mind-boggling technological advancements have democratized solution-making. Now more than ever, every single individual is empowered to create sweeping change for humanity.

Expanding On a Solid Foundation

For more than a decade, our team of futurists at Diplomatic Courier and our Think Tank, The World in 2050, have been concerned with the state of the world.  Our global summits have tackled the future of diplomacy; philanthropy; connected cities; jobs and education; and, much more. We don’t profess to be fortunetellers. Rather, we embrace the skills, practices, and behaviors of futurists.

It is behind this backdrop that we are thrilled to announce the launch of a unique new program aimed at identifying and elevating a new group of solutionists from around the world.